Prince Andrew infuriates US lawyers

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From: Annemarie Goebel


Prince Andrew is reportedly planning to end the deal he made with his accuser, Virginia Giuffre. US lawyers reacted in disbelief. They don’t give Andrew’s request the slightest chance.

Windsor – Apparently his inheritance from Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) incited him to new deeds. If it had recently become very quiet around Prince Andrew (62), he was apparently working behind closed doors to cancel his deal. The younger brother of King Charles III. (74) has reportedly sought to work with his lawyers to overturn the settlement by which he settled the allegations and threatened lawsuit against Virgina Giuffre (39).

US lawyers give Prince Andrew no chance to reverse the comparison

There was talk of a large sum in order for Giuffre to waive her three counts of child abuse by the Duke of York. US lawyers cannot believe that the disgraced British blue blood dared to take this step. Lisa Bloom (61) represents loudly Mirror several victims of financier Jeffrey Epstein (66, † 2019) and a woman who claims she saw Andrew at London nightclub Tramp in 2001 with then Virigina Roberts (married Giuffre). Andrew could “forget it,” she said.

Prince Andrew infuriates US lawyers
Prince Andrew wants to reshuffle the cards His attempt. Overturning the deal with Virginia Giuffre, meanwhile, has enraged US lawyers. They unanimously expressed an absolute lack of understanding for Andrew’s step (photomontage). © Emily Micho/dpa & Joe Giddens/Imago

Bloom vents her anger: “Prince Andrew put his name under the comparison. And now he wants out? Forget it. That will not happen”. Giuffre was painfully affected by this, continued to fire her and publicly demanded of Andrew: “Leave her alone. Stick to your deal. Stand your ground.” Spencer Kuvin, 53, also a lawyer working for Epstein’s victims, said: “His chances of overturning a negotiated and agreed settlement are about as likely as Epstein coming back to life.” He should just be thankful he’s not in jail, he concluded.

Prince Andrew’s fall

Andrew’s royal and military career ended in disfavor after he was forced to pay millions of pounds to his accuser, Virginia Giuffre, in an out-of-court settlement. She claimed he sexually abused her three times in 2001, when she was 17, after she was trafficked by pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein. Andrew had always denied all allegations.

In an interview with the BBC, Prince Andrew wanted to clarify, but it threatened to become a fiasco for the British royal family: Prince Andrew came up with curious statements that contributed more to the confusion and seemed to burden him than the intended opposite.

The case was dismissed in March after Andrew paid Ms Giuffre an undisclosed sum but accepted no liability.

However, the scandal damaged his reputation and he was later stripped of his military titles and asked not to use the salutation HRH.

Rumor has it Andrew was pushed into the comparison ahead of the Queen’s platinum jubilee as negative publicity threatened to overshadow everything.

What are the chances of Prince Andrew actually overturning the comparison?

The comparison is not an admission of guilt, but the last protective hand over him had disappeared with the Queen. Brother Charles had made it absolutely clear that there was no chance of returning as a senior royal and having his royal titles revoked. It would not look any different under Prince William (40). In order to reverse the agreement, the lawyers would have to prove that there was a mistake, accident, fraud or coercion.

Most recently, Epstein’s friend Ghislaine Maxwell (61) gave an interview from Tallahassee prison. In it, the matchmaker denied claims against her “dear friend” Prince Andrew, claiming a 2001 picture of Andrew with Giuffre at her London home was fake. Sources used:,