Prince Andrew’s alleged ‘love nest’ in London is up for sale again

Abuse Process
This is where Andrew is said to have abused his victim: Ghislaine Maxwell’s former home is for sale

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts, then 17. In the background stands Ghislaine Maxwell. It is said to have been recorded in the house in Belgravia.

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The former London home of Epstein confidante Ghislaine Maxwell is up for sale again. In the house, Prince Andrew is said to have had sex with Virginia Roberts – a minor at the time. The dubious celebrity factor drives up the price.

The pretty little house in the London district of Belgravia is, one could say, a house with history. After all, until recently it belonged to Ghislaine Maxwell, a close confidant of the late US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. So the woman who was recently found guilty in the USA of “trafficking in minors for abuse purposes”.

Particularly spicy: Prince Andrew is said to have had sex there with the then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts. The now world-famous picture of the two is said to have been taken there. Barely a year ago, Maxwell had to sell the house to pay her exorbitant legal fees, but now it’s back on the market – and the value seems to have increased considerably.

Prince Andrew: Sex adventures in the bathtub?

Maxwell brought in around two million euros from the sale of the house last April. A real estate company took over the building. Now it’s for sale again (here is the offer with pictures). The sum that is now being asked for it: more than 3.1 million euros. For this price there are three bedrooms in an exclusive residential area. But not only. Because the house also plays an inglorious role in the lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts (now Virginia Guiffre) against Prince Andrew. She claims to have had sex with the prince in the bathroom there. At that time, she acted on instructions from Epstein and Maxwell and was forced into sexual acts.

“I turned on the bathtub faucet and the heat of the water began to mist the small room… I tried to make the most of my youth to appear seductive and began to undress little by little” , writes Virginia Roberts (now Guiffre) in her memoirs about the alleged encounter with Prince Andrew. “He loved every second of it as I walked over to where he was waiting and watching and then started undressing him.” Accordingly, after an evening at the nightclub, the two returned to the house in Belgravia and had sex there. It’s one word against the other. Prince Andrew denies the allegations and says he never met the woman.

“Charming house in need of renovation”

In addition, Guiffre describes a bathroom in her book that at least no longer exists. It was a Victorian-style bathtub that was placed free-standing in the room. Pictures on the property website show a different bathroom. Major construction work has not been carried out since the sale last year, as the British “DailyMail” wants to know from insiders. An old floor plan of the house also shows an alcove bathtub. This fact could play a key role in Andrew’s defense.

Regardless of the house’s dubious celebrity factor, the real estate company may have little trouble getting rid of the house. Belgravia is one of the exclusive and correspondingly very expensive districts in London. The price of around three million is comparatively low. But the new owners also have to put some love into it. Because, according to the website, it is a “charming house in need of renovation” with “a lot of potential for a new buyer”.

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