Prince Charles praises youth resilience in pandemic

In a video message, Prince Charles (73) praised the mental strength of young people during the corona pandemic.


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  • Prince Charles appeared in a video message on the UN Youth Day on Friday.
  • In it he praised the resilience of young people during the corona pandemic.

Prince Charles (73) has praised the mental resilience of young people during the corona pandemic. He also called on older people to show solidarity in the climate crisis.

“Given the adversity they faced, it’s amazing to see the resilience and ambition of young people in the face of unprecedented global challenges,” he said in a video message marking the United Nations’ International Youth Day on Friday .

Prince Charles: Helping young people find a job

Charles also called for support for young people to find their way into working life. The prince has been committed to the environment and climate protection for years.

He emphasized the importance of jobs in the climate-friendly industry. The threat of climate change and accelerating biodiversity loss are perceived as particularly pressing by the younger generation, Charles said.

He added: “The United Nations asks us to bring together the potential of all generations as an act of intergenerational solidarity.”

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