Prince Charles represents them at the opening of Parliament

Prince Charles attends the annual opening of Britain’s Parliament today. Queen Elizabeth II is represented by her son.

the essentials in brief

  • Queen Elizabeth II will not attend the opening of the British Parliament.
  • Her son Prince Charles is representing her.
  • She continues to suffer from mobility problems.

How is the Queen actually doing?

Only the monarch’s closest confidants know the answer. One thing is certain: instead of Queen Elizabeth II (96), her son Prince Charles will do the annual opening of the British Parliament.

Queen Elizabeth still suffers from mobility problems. In consultation with her doctors, she will therefore not attend the traditional appointment at the beginning of the new session. This was announced by Buckingham Palace.

In recent months, the now 96-year-old Queen has increasingly been represented by family members. She almost only took appointments directly at Windsor Castle.

Prince Charles reads traditional “Queen’s Speech”

Usually, the monarch reads out the government statement of the respective Prime Minister at the “State Opening” in the so-called “Queen’s Speech”. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II is not involved in government business.

Members of Parliament and Lords gather together for the declaration in the House of Lords, which is equipped with a throne.

In addition to Prince Charles (73), Prince William (39) should also be there. The Queen has only missed the opening of Parliament twice in her 70-year reign.

A palace spokesman said at the end of last week that the Queen intends to read the speech personally.

The opening of the new session is accompanied by great pomp. In 2020 the ceremony was canceled due to the corona pandemic. Last year it took place on a smaller scale.

Concerned about the Queen’s health?

Since 2016, the Queen has used the elevator instead of the stairs when visiting Parliament. Most recently, Elizabeth II no longer wore the heavy crown and state robes, but a hat and costume.

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