Prince Edward cancels part of a Caribbean tour for his mother’s anniversary

LONDON ENGLAND.-The prince edwardyoungest son of Isabel II, canceled a trip to the island of Grenada as part of a Caribbean tour that began Friday to celebrate his mother’s 70th year on the throne, the royal house reported.

Last month, Prince William, the queen’s 39-year-old grandson, also had to cancel part of a trip to the Caribbean, giving up visiting Belize for what his spokesmen defined only as “sensitive issues.”

The tour, which was meant to celebrate the British monarchy’s attachment to its former colonies on the occasion of the queen’s “platinum jubilee”, saw criticism of the monarchy resurface, with the prince and his wife Kate called upon to apologize for the incident. UK’s slave past.

These claims herald difficult times for British royalty, especially when Prince Charles succeeds Elizabeth II to the throne.

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Suffering from mobility problems, the 96-year-old queen increasingly hands over representation to her sons, in particular Charles, 73, heir to the crown, and his grandson William, second in line.

Eduardo, 58, and his wife Sofia decided to postpone their visit to Grenada after consulting with the Grenada government and on the advice of the governor-general, Buckingham Palace said.

Granada is one of the 15 Commonwealth realms of which Elizabeth II is sovereign.

As part of their trip, which will last until Thursday, Eduardo and Sofía will visit Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua and Barbuda, also kingdoms of the British Commonwealth.