Prince Harry and his meeting with Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

As announced, the only presence of the Dutch Royal Family at the Invictus Games would be at the closing ceremony with the appearance of King Willem-Alexander. Being an event of this type, the monarch’s aunt would be the representative of the family as ambassador of the country in the games, and the husband of Máxima de Holanda would make an appearance to close this long-awaited competition. Already far from the controversy of his statements throughout the games, Prince Harry met the King of Holland and enjoyed with him the last meetings in this edition of the Invictus Games, surprising everyone , Guillermo Alejandro showed his funniest side on this occasion. Following the example of his wife, who is usually warm and witty, the monarch participated in everything. From the lighting of the stadium with cell phone lamps, to the kind of wave that took over the stands.



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Laughter was the order of the day in which the monarch put aside his formal facet to enjoy sports competitions. On a day that seemed to be marked by sportsmanship in the calendar of William Alexander, in the morning he began the King’s Games – a competition within the framework of King’s Day in that country – accompanied by his wife Máxima, while the afternoon was seen with Harry, as had been agreed when choosing the Netherlands as the venue for this edition of the Invictus Games, which are an itinerant event, so each time it has been held in a different country .

The friendly and close attitude of Guillermo Alejandro has earned him that in the international media he is described as ‘jovial’, because far from protocol and formalities he was delighted with his appearance. The monarch’s closeness to the British Royal Family is well known and just a few weeks ago, he, his wife and his mother made the trip to London to pay their condolences to the Queen at the memorial service held in memory of the Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey – which Harry did not attend.


The images have not lied about Willem-Alexander’s appearance at this event, from nervously biting his nails to celebrating the feats of athletes, the monarch has participated in everything, following the example of some predecessors in previous years. How to forget those images of Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau and Michelle Obama with Harry in previous editions.

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What has Harry done after Meghan’s departure?

As was known before the games began, Meghan Markle would only travel to be at the opening with Harry and return to the United States, where her two children were waiting for her. Since the departure of his wife, in the Prince’s own words, he has been focused on the games and their competitors, making them have an unforgettable experience. Although there have also been moments of fun.

According to reports from MailOnline, Harry spent three hours Thursday afternoon in a pub enjoying a beer with friends, surely celebrating the success of this edition of the Invictus Games which ends this Friday. Wearing an event sweatshirt and a cap with the logo of his organization Archewell, Harry posed smiling with the owner of the O’Casey pub, which surely reminded the Prince that he was no stranger to these establishments when he lived in London.