Prince Harry and Meghan are facing a big problem

Duchess Meghan and her husband Prince Harry were visiting London for Queen Elizabeth II's 70th jubilee.

Duchess Meghan and her husband Prince Harry were visiting London for Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th jubilee.Image: picture alliance / Matt Dunham

At the weekend there was an absolute state of emergency in London. For the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s throne, Buckingham Palace splashed out and celebrated the special anniversary with parades, parties and thanksgiving services. Right in the middle, or maybe on the edge: Prince Harry and his wife Meghan. The Sussexes traveled all the way from their adopted home of California, to attend the big celebration of the record regent.

For the couple, it wasn’t the only reason to celebrate. Because her now one-year-old daughter Lilibet met her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth for the first time. But the family reunification was probably less harmonious than hoped. Royal relations have been strained since the infamous Oprah interview last year, in which Harry and Meghan accused the royal family of racism, among other things.

There is a mistrust of the Sussexes, which is noticeable again and again. After the recent visit to England, this could even have a negative impact on the couple’s lucrative Netflix deal.

Buckingham Palace hosts Meghan and Harry

For investigative journalist Tom Bower, opposite “Daily Mail” firmly: “The palace is finally playing a good hand.” Because those responsible at Buckingham Palace managed to manage the couple’s visit in an unusually skilful way. “Just enough attention to please the Queen, but limited enough to show (the Sussexes) they’ve been marginalized.” According to the expert, a real slap in the face for Harry and Meghan.

Bower, who is currently writing a biography of Duchess Meghan, analyzes the conflict in more depth and predicts that the youngest son of Prince Charles and his wife will have a bitter impact on future business: “The Sussexes’ contract with Netflix is ​​in jeopardy”the insider told the Daily Mail.

Because if one thing became clear to the expert after the performance in London, it was that the Sussexes are no longer stars, which means: “Netflix has a problem”.

Photo ban for Harry and Meghan endangers Netflix documentary

The American emigrants had obviously hoped for more from the meeting with the Queen. Out of concern that pictures could reach the public, However, to the displeasure of Meghan and Harry, the Queen decided on a strict photo ban to impose for the meeting with the Sussexes. The proud parents were not allowed to take any pictures of their daughter with her great-grandmother.

Although there seems to have been more than one meeting between great-granddaughter and great-grandmother, Buckingham Palace manages in this way to cleverly refuse the royals from the other continent the footage. And not only that. In the same breath, the planned Netflix documentary is again endangered. Because where there are no pictures, there is nothing to look at.

Harry and Meghan were forbidden from partying on the balcony.

Harry and Meghan were forbidden from partying on the balcony.Image: picture alliance / Paul Grover

“It’s a dangerous game for both sides.”

For the Meghan biographer, the photo ban is just another problem in the royal family. Nevertheless, it has further fueled the resentment of the Queen’s grandson and his wife and could have an impact on the already tense situation between the royal family and the Sussexes.

Because the reprisals Harry experienced over the weekend have the potential to nudge the prince into “further revelations in his book, due for release later this year.”, according to Bower. The journalist suspects that the opposing parties are currently pushing each other up and therefore assesses the situation as risky.