Prince Harry: Begged Charles not to marry Camilla

Details from the book had already become known. The US broadcaster ABC, to whom Harry had given one of several interviews before publication, reported on Thursday that Harry referred to William (40) as a “beloved brother” and “arch enemy”. In a previously circulated clip of the interview, Harry explained, “There was always this competition between us, weirdly.”

William is said to have become violent

According to a newspaper report, Harry also accuses William of physically attacking him during an argument. Like the British Guardians reported on Thursday night, the prince describes how his older brother pushed him to the ground in the kitchen of his London apartment. In the dispute, William got Harry’s wife meghan as “difficult”, “rude” and “rough”, the newspaper quoted. “He grabbed my collar, tearing my necklace, and pushed me to the ground. I landed on the dog’s bowl, which broke under my back, cutting me through the shards,” the book, titled Reserve ” further.

Harry then asked his brother to leave. Prince William has apologized. As he walked, he turned around and said, “You don’t need to tell Meg that.” When Harry asked if he meant the attack, William replied, “I didn’t attack you, Harold.”

Harry and Meghan officially retired from their royal duties in March 2020. They live with their two children, who are three and a half years old Archie and the one and a half year old Lilibet, in Meghan’s native California. The couple had already made allegations against the royal family in a Netflix docuseries that aired in December.