Prince Harry: Charles was jealous of Meghan – and Kate

Prince Harry accuses his father Charles Reportedly, to have been jealous of the public attention that his wife meghan and sister-in-law Kate would have gotten. Charles feared that the “new and bright” US actress could steal the limelight from him, Harry writes in his memoirs “Spare” (“Reserve”), which are not due to be published until Tuesday (January 10), but from which there are spicy ones Details have already been leaked.

Charles doesn’t want to share the limelight

His father had “experienced this before and had no interest in it happening to him again,” Harry writes, referring to his late mother’s popularity Princess Diana. Jealousy is also the reason his father said he had “no money left” to support Harry and his wife Meghan financially.

To the DailyTelegraph According to the prince in his biography, his father asked him before his engagement to Meghan if the actress planned to continue working in her profession after the wedding. Charles then said: “My dear son, you already know that we have no money left.” Of the DailyTelegraph claims to have secured one of the copies of the book that was sold early in Spain at short notice and translated it.