Prince Harry claims Kate Middleton and Prince William encouraged him to wear his Nazi costume in 2005

In his memoirs entitled Sparethe Duke of Sussex returns to “one of the biggest mistakes of [sa] life”: that day in January 2005, when he arrived at a party dressed in a Nazi uniform.

January 2005: the prince harry goes to a disguised party on the theme “Indigenous and Colonial”. Upon arriving, he is photographed by paparazzi in a Nazi military costume, including the swastika. The tabloid The Sun publishes the photo on the front page under the title “Harry the Nazi”. A few days later, faced with the scale of the scandal, the grandson ofElizabeth II has no choice but to issue a public apology. “I’m so sorry if I shocked or made anyone feel uncomfortable. It was a bad costume choice and I apologize for that,” he said in a statement. The affair, which has become global, seriously shakes the reputation of the youngest of Charles and Diana, this turbulent prince whom the British people love so much.

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Since then, the years have passed but this controversy sticks to the skin of “Dirty Harry” who now wishes to restore the truth. And above all to settle accounts with the Crown. In Spare, his autobiography to be published on January 10 (The Substitute, published by Fayard in France), the husband of Meghan Markle looks back on this incident, “one of the biggest mistakes of [sa] life”. And while he takes his share of the blame, the Duke of Sussex claims his big brother William and Kate Middleton were not totally unfamiliar with this choice of disguise.

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According to information from Page Six , Harry was originally hesitating between two suits: a pilot’s uniform or a Nazi uniform. “I phoned Willy and Kate, asked them what they thought. Nazi uniform, they replied, ”wrote the Duke of Sussex, in the right pages of the book consulted by the American media. After which, the young prince – 20 years old at the time – returned home for a fitting session. “[Kate et William] both roared with laughter. It was worse than Willy’s leotard outfit! Much more ridiculous! Which, again, was the goal,” he recalls in his memoirs. Indeed, Prince William also participated in this party, to which he arrived wearing a homemade lion costume.

“For the first time, their relationship really suffered”

These revelations are not entirely new. In 2021, in Royal war, lies and betrayals, the famous historian Robert Lacey already reported that Harry “hired his costume in agreement with his brother, the future king, who laughed all the way back to Highgrove”. The one who was one of the editors of the Sunday Times, where he very seriously documented the actions of the royal family, also explained in his book that the scandal had ended up keeping the two brothers away. “For the first time, their relationship really suffered and they barely spoke to each other”, confided a source close to the royal family to Robert Lacey, always quoted by Page Six. “Harry didn’t appreciate the fact that William got away with it so easily.” A favorable end for William – and which would have been desired by the royal family – the only one who will one day ascend the throne of England. Harry, after all, is just… the spare.

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