Prince Harry: Confidences on his daughter Lilibet, 10 months, who has taken a big step!

Just because he’s currently thousands of miles away from his children doesn’t mean he doesn’t think of them…quite the contrary! Currently in the Netherlands as part of the Invictus Games, the prince harry spoke about his two children in an interview with the magazine Peoplethe opportunity for him to make a revelation about his youngest, Lilibet: she has been walking for a few days!

For the moment, her priority is above all to follow her brother, she has just taken her first steps“, he explained, very proud. At 10 months, the little girl did not accompany her parents to Europe, probably staying with her older brother Archie (3 years old) at her maternal grandmother’s house in California.

But if Harry fiercely protects his two children, whose faces we have rarely seen, he revealed that he was beginning to awaken his eldest to the subjects that matter to him, and in particular these Invictus Games, major sports competitions reserved for injured veterans that he had created in 2014. Without addressing too difficult subjects for the moment, he showed him videos of rugby or wheelchair basketball.

I showed him that not everyone has legs, but I mainly explained to him that there were invisible wounds, too.“, he explains. “Not because he asked me, but because I wanted him to know. Kids understand so much and to see it all through his eyes was amazing because it was totally honest and unfiltered“, he continued.

A strong commitment

The son of Prince Charles, a soldier for ten years, became aware of the sacrifice made by the soldiers who have had a family since the birth of his children. “Being a father obviously adds tons of emotions. When I was in the military, I promised myself I would leave before I had a wife and kids, because I couldn’t even imagine how heartbreaking it was to be so far away for so long.“, he concluded.

If the two children of Prince Harry have not left California, where they have lived since their sensational departure from the royal family in 2019, Meghan Markle has returned to Europe with her husband, and both have multiplied the gestures tenderness on stage. A few days earlier, they had first traveled to London to find the Queen and Prince Charles for a discreet interview which would not have gone very well between the father and the son.