Prince Harry defends his controversial book ‘Spare’ in two TV interviews | People | Entertainment

Prince Enrique will delve this Sunday into two long-awaited interviews in the details about his memoir “En la sombra”after the controversy caused by the revelations about the disputes with his brother, his sexual life and a confession about drug use.

The global launch of the autobiography of the prince of England, entitled “Spare” (“In the shadow” in Spanish), It is scheduled for January 10.but much of the content leaked on Thursday when it was mistakenly released early in Spain.

Among the leaked details is the accusation that his brother William – heir to the throne – attacked him during an argument about his wife, the former American actress Meghan Markle, an account of how he lost his virginity, a confession about drug use and the affirmation of who killed 25 people while deployed in Afghanistan.

So far the details have generated condemnation, ridicule and controversy, without any reaction from the palace.

For his part, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declined to comment on the scandal in an interview with the BBC, while emphasizing “his enormous sympathy for the royal family.”

This Sunday, Sunday Times mentioned sources close to Prince William who say he is “sad” and “burns up inside”but who remains silent for the good of his family and the country.

The Telegraph He believes that, despite the harsh content of the book, Carlos III would be willing to reconcile as “the only way out of this mess.” He believes that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be invited to the coronation of the king in may.

Despite the fact that Enrique attacks Guillermo more, Carlos does not feel “less hurt because personally he has not been the focus of most of the anger and frustration of the book”tells a friend close to the king.

Enrique affirmed to ITV that he still believes in the monarchy, although he doesn’t know if it will play any role in his future.

“She cried once”

Several of the channels that interviewed him have already aired excerpts from the interview that focus on the dispute with his brother Guillermo and his accusations that his family installed a negative narrative about him and his wife in the media.

the british chain ITV will broadcast on Sunday at 21:00 GMT an interview of just over an hour and a half with the prince.

In the latest video, Enrique revealed that he “cried once” after his mother Diana died and felt guilty for not being able to express his grief, as he waved to the crowd of attendees, whose hands were wet with tears.

In other fragments of the interview, Enrique claims that Guillermo tried to hit him during their argument about his wife. “I saw this red mist on him,” she recounts.

“I want a reconciliation, but first there needs to be accountability,” he adds.

No role in coronation

Unlike Guillermo, Enrique will not have a formal role in Carlos’s coronation this year, which he is expected to attend, reported Sunday Times.

In “a major break with tradition, Carlos has scrapped the act of royal dukes kneeling to ‘pay homage’”he wrote, and “Guillermo will be the only royal who will abide by the tradition.”

Later, the American chain CBS will broadcast another interview at 7:30 p.m. on the east coast of the United States (00:30 GMT on Monday) on his program “60 minutes” and the station abc will broadcast a third program on Monday.

Enrique refers to Guillermo as “his dear brother and arch nemesis”said the presenter of abc Michael Strahan in an excerpt.

“Strangely, there has always been a competition between us,” Enrique told the US network.

The interviews were recorded before Enrique’s book was widely leaked on Thursday, prompting a backlash from the mediacommentators, military veterans and even the Taliban.

British newspapers criticized Harry’s claim to have killed 25 people while serving in the army in Afghanistan, statement that the military called inappropriate.

Even a Taliban representative condemned Prince Harry for considering the dead as “chess pieces.” (YO)