Prince Harry disguised as a Nazi: a uniform validated by William and Kate? He reveals their involvement in the scandal

This Nazi uniform, which caused so much debate in Great Britain in 2005 when the prince harry had been photographed with, would it have a slightly more hidden story? While the British people were very shocked to see the son of King Charles and Lady Diana, then 20 years old, in this outfit at a party, the reality would be more complicated according to him.

Indeed, in a page of his memoirs, Spare (expected January 10) and unveiled exclusively by the British press on Thursday, he says that he would have actually asked his brother Prince William and his sister-in-law Kate Middleton for his disguise. And that the young couple, who had met 4 years earlier, would have enthusiastically proclaimed their preference for the Nazi uniform which finally ended up on the front page of the newspaper The Sun with the tire,”Harry the Nazi“.

I called Willy and Kate, to ask them“, he writes, while he hesitated between that and a pilot’s uniform. Prince William, meanwhile, was also present that evening, dressed in a tight black leotard with a leopard pattern and a matching leopard skin tail and paws.

A new attack on William

Aware and even accomplices, therefore, the Prince and Princess of Wales would therefore have a share of responsibility in this scandal which then fell on Prince Harry alone. He had also been forced to apologize through a spokesperson. Information that could cause a scandal, as no one has forgotten this very embarrassing moment.

To justify himself, the young man had at the time pretexted a difficult mental health, he who was traumatized by the death of his mother and had also been photographed completely naked, during another evening. But then, was he forced to take the blame on himself for whitewashing his brother and sister-in-law, rising stars of the royal family? In any case, this is what he seems to imply in the extract from this book which promises to be so controversial.

And who could definitely break the ties between the two brothers: already very incisive towards his brother and his sister-in-law in the interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which he explained that Kate Middleton had made his wife Meghan Markle cry before their marriage, he had started again in the documentary of Netflix released in December. Prince William, meanwhile, loyal to the line of conduct Never explain, never complain of his grandmother, never responded to the attacks.