Prince Harry: ‘Felt guilty after my mother died’

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The prince blames his family for this: “Maybe I had internalized the family maxim too much that crying is not an option – never.” After Diana’s death, there was a dispute as to whether Harry and his brother William should walk behind the coffin at their mother’s funeral, he said DailyTelegraph. Diana’s brother Charles Spencer have taken on the royal family and called it “barbaric” that 12-year-old Harry and 15-year-old William should be given this difficult task.

An alternative plan, according to which William should start the difficult walk alone, was rejected by Harry. “It didn’t feel right that Willy should have it so difficult without me,” the prince wrote in his memoirs. “It seemed like a lot to ask of two children.” Several adults were “horrified”.

Prince Harry’s memoirs are out on Tuesday (January 10). But because they were briefly available in several bookstores in Spain on Thursday, British media were able to secure copies in advance and publish spicy revelations.