Prince Harry has ‘significant tensions’ with the Queen’s team

Although they stay away from the public eye, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are still in the news. After his brief trip to the UK, the prince harry He still had a pending issue in his native country, one of the several legal complaints he has undertaken. This Thursday, the British court had a hearing regarding the lawsuit that the Prince filed in order to maintain the government protection that he enjoyed due to his former position in the British Royal Family. The case, which has been going on for several months, has made certain aspects clear, such as that in the words of his lawyers, the Prince does not feel safe in his country, and that the Sussexes offered to pay for security out of their own pocket, despite the fact that the government police it is not available to private contractors. Given this, in this new hearing Harry’s lawyers have been heard to point out that he has “significant tensions” with people from Queen Elizabeth’s team, something that resonates with his interviews with US media.



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Things went further and Harry’s legal team mentioned the ‘significant tensions’ he has with Sir Edward Young, the Queen’s Private Secretary. The role of this man in the Palace team is to be a link between the monarch and the government, and the position was created in 1805, but he was not the only one mentioned because other characters were mentioned, although he was the one who was named directly.

The Duke’s lawyer, Shaheed Fatima, said during the hearing: “He (Harry) did not know at that point that the Palace was involved in it … he was told that it was an independent decision”, during his intervention, he pointed out that it was not appropriate that the senior members of the Palace offices decide on the matter. The lawyer disclosed in writing that, according to her position, the Prince was not given a ‘clear and complete explanation’ of who was involved in the decision and that he was denied making his requests directly to Ravec (the body government in charge of this), but that it was understood that they would be sent in full through the corresponding channel.


According to his legal representative, the Prince’s offer to pay for his own security could not have been informed in time. “He does not know what else, of what he communicated to the Palace, was not fully or timely informed to Ravec. He was denied the opportunity to comment on the ownership of the Ravec processes (and) the involvement of certain individuals in the Ravec process before the decision was made. It can be argued that, had there been a fair process, Ravec would have or could have made a different decision,” he said in his message, despite the fact that in a previous hearing the representative of the government agency pointed out that the offer was irrelevant, given because the service cannot be contracted by individuals.

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The setback by the government

For his part, James Eadie, legal representative of the government body, made it clear that none of this had anything to do with the decision taken. “In his statement, the plaintiff now refers to objections to any role the Palace may have played in Ravec’s decisions, apparently because of personal tensions he has with them. But there are no influences at play and any tension is irrelevant to the indisputable fact that the plaintiff changed status, which led to Ravec’s decision. Plaintiff’s inability, even now, to explain how the representation process could or helped is stunning.”

The body in charge of making this decision has made it clear that it does not intend to completely remove the Prince’s security, but that the method of protecting him changes depending on the nature of his trip to the United Kingdom, making it clear that a public act will require more equipment than a visit of a personal nature. Despite this, the Prince remains engaged in this fight which does not seem to be tilting in his favor.