Prince Harry: His Intimate Reckoning

The first details leaked out even before the official publication date of Harry’s memoirs ”Reserve”. This much is clear: Harry’s revelations pack a punch.

Actually, Prince Harry’s scandalous biography should not have been published until January 10, but the book accidentally went on sale in a Spanish bookstore on Thursday. Even before the glitch could be repaired, British media got their hands on copies of the work and published the most piquant statements in advance.

Harry book of the week

In “Reserve” Harry doesn’t mince his words and reveals the most intimate details of his private life and the British royal family, which otherwise insists on discretion. Charles biographer and royal expert Jonathan Dimbleby even compared Harry’s allegations to a “huge landmine” that would explode under Buckingham Palace.

Harry was always just a replacement for William

Even the title of the book can be understood as a side swipe. “Spare”, the name in the English original, alludes to the different reputation of Harry and William in Great Britain. While the elder William is as “Heir” (German: heir) in the succession to the throne behind Charles, Harry was always only considered a “Spare” (German: spare part).

Harry William

Harry was always in William’s shadow

The tabloid “Daily Mail” voted with the line “Oh spare us!” (“Oh, spare us”) a play on words from the title of the book.

Sex, drugs, Afghanistan mission and civil war

A rundown of the most piquant details leaked so far from Harry’s scandalous biography.

Humiliating first time at 17

In a field behind a pub, Harry had sex for the first time. He was just 17 years old, the lady “much older”, but the act was not very exciting: “I was treated like a young stallion. It was a humbling episode,” Harry laments.

“Now and then” a line drawn

Harry also came into contact with drugs at the young age of 17 – with hard stuff straight away. “Of course I had done cocaine. During a weekend of hunting I was offered a line at someone’s house and had been using off and on ever since. It wasn’t very fun or made me particularly happy. My main goal was to feel. to be different.”

This is how the Nazi uniform scandal came about

In 2005, Harry went to a party in a Nazi costume – the pictures made headlines around the world. In “Reserve” he explains that there was also a pilot costume to choose from. “I called Willy and Kate and asked them what I should wear. “The Nazi uniform,” they said, “they found it terribly funny.” The royal family and the British press less so: photos of Harry with a swastika armband soon made the rounds and triggered a scandal. Harry had to make a public apology.

Harry Nazi

Worldwide headlines after Harry’s Nazi appearance

Love-hate relationship: William became violent

Harry raises the most serious allegations in the book against his brother Prince William, who is said to have thrown him to the ground and injured him in an argument. The triggers were allegations against Harry’s wife Meghan (41). “He grabbed my collar, tearing my necklace, and pushed me to the ground. I landed on the dog bowl, which broke under my back so the shards cut me.”

The once-inseparable brothers, who affectionately called each other “Willy” and “Harold,” have long faced each other in bitter competition. Harry refers to William in the book as “beloved brother” and “biggest antagonist”.

Harry William Queen Elizabeth

A picture from better times: Harry and William with the Queen (†)

As a fighter pilot, he killed 25 Taliban

On the other hand, he feels no remorse for having killed during his military service as a pilot of an Apache attack helicopter.

Harry Soldier Afghanistan Pilot Apache

“One of the most important things I learned in the army is that I am responsible for my own actions. So my number: 25,” Harry writes in his memoirs in reference to the number of people he killed on his missions in Afghanistan. “It wasn’t something that made me happy, but it wasn’t anything that I was ashamed of either.”

Harry Soldier Afghanistan

Harry served on two deployments in Afghanistan

Harry soldier

Charles was jealous of Meghan and Kate

Harry’s father, now King Charles, also gets his fat in the memoirs. Harry accuses him of being jealous of the public attention his wife Meghan and sister-in-law Kate got. Charles feared the “new and bright” US actress could steal the spotlight from him. His father had “experienced this before and had no interest in it happening to him again,” Harry writes, alluding to the popularity of his late mother, Princess Diana. Jealousy is also the reason his father said he had “no money left” to support Harry and his wife Meghan financially.

Charles begged not to marry Camilla

Prince Harry reportedly pleaded with Prince William decades ago not to marry his partner Camilla. The brothers even “begged” him not to remarry, Harry writes in his memoirs. Harry feared Camilla as a “bad stepmother”. The pleas were in vain: Charles III. married Camilla in 2005.

charles camilla wedding

Over the years it has become increasingly popular with the British public. Queen Elizabeth II, who died in September, personally arranged for Camilla to bear the title “Queen Consort” after her death.

Britain in turmoil over revelations

“Vengeful”, “calculating”, “idiotic”: The explosive revelations about the British royal family in Prince Harry’s autobiography have media and commentators in the UK foaming. One thing is clear: The unfiltered flood of personal secrets that Harry reveals overshadows all previous allegations of the prince and his wife Meghan. The 38-year-old doesn’t stop at himself – reports about his cocaine consumption and that he consulted a woman who is said to have enabled him to have spiritual contact with his deceased mother Diana.

Harry Newspapers England

Harry’s revelations are currently dominating the British press

According to constitutional expert Craig Prescott, no member of the Royals has ever attacked the institution so publicly. If the attacks continue, Britain’s image of their monarchy could turn negative, Prescott warned.

So far, Buckingham Palace has officially remained silent on the revelations. “The Sun” only cited sources close to King Charles III. and William, who said the contents of the book made her “sad”.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #ShutUpHarry is appearing more and more frequently on the short message service Twitter – which means something like: “Shut up, Harry”.