Prince Harry: “I don’t recognize my father or my brother”

“Right now, I don’t recognize my father or my brother, just like they probably don’t recognize me”Prince Harry declared in an interview broadcast this Sunday by the British network ITV, before his autobiography, titled in Spanish “In the Shadow” is published on Tuesday.

The youngest son of Carlos and Diana, who currently resides in the United States, stated that, despite everything, wants to “reconcile” with his relatives, although for that to happen they must “assume responsibilities,” he said.

“Nothing I have done through this book or otherwise has been with the intent to harm or harm them”He declared, adding that neither Carlos III nor Guillermo “have shown any willingness to reconcile.”

In the interview with journalist Tom Bradby, Enrique describes a relationship of intense rivalry on the part of his brother and accuses “some members of the family” from “sleeping with the devil” in the media “to rehabilitate his image” while discrediting him.

The ITV interview is one of four – the rest, with US channels – that Enrique has given before his book goes on sale on January 10, in English “Spare” (as the English aristocracy calls the second son, substitute of the heir).

On the other hand, based on leaks of the book -which was put on sale prematurely by mistake in Spain although it was later withdrawn from bookstores-, it has also been known that Prince Charles was supposedly jealous of the popularity of his daughters-in-law and that Guillermo physically assaulted Enrique in an argument about Meghan.

Enrique also assures that both brothers implored their father not to marry Camila; who killed 25 Taliban as a pilot of helicopters in Afghanistan; that he lost his virginity at 17 to an older woman outside a crowded pub and that he’s been on cocaine and magic mushrooms.