Prince Harry: Netflix angry after the publication of his Memoirs, the husband of Meghan Markle under pressure

The publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs at the start of the year clearly did not please everyone, especially within the royal family. But not only: Netflix, which unveiled a documentary on Harry and Meghan last month, would be angry with the prince.

This is definitely the couple of the last few weeks. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been on everyone’s lips since last month and the release of the netflix documentary back to their story. Six episodes having made headlines, the Sussexes returning to their difficult experience within the royal family, in particular the treatment of the American actress. But it was nothing compared to the bombs dropped by the son of Charles III at the start of the year 2023. Harry indeed published his memoirstitled The Alternate, and blows rain down on his family. In particular, he revealed that he was violently attacked by his brother Prince William. Archie and Lilibeth’s dad also made incredible confessions about his past, including his drug use as a teenager or his first sexual experiences. Something to raise some eyebrows…

“IThe couple should open the doors of their house”

The British royal family, in particular his brother William, would indeed be determined not to hear any more about Prince Harry. But more surprisingly, it is the most famous streaming platform in the world that would be particularly angry according to Sun. The leaders of Netflix would indeed not have appreciated at all to see their “foal” reveal so many things in his Memoirs and in the two television interviews broadcast before its release. They feel aggrieved, deceived by a prince who would have retained the most crisp anecdotes about his life for his book. Netflix would finally have an idea to compensate: having learned that Meghan and Harry regularly filmed themselves in their intimacy, the platform would like to make a reality show, like the one that made the Kardashians famous. “We know that the couple constantly films each other and that there are still treasures to be discovered. This could be the subject of dynamic reporting. For such a thing to happen, the couple should open the doors of their house in Montecito” explains a source to the British tabloid. But will Harry and Meghan really agree to expose their children…?