Prince Harry revealed in his book ‘Spare’ that he recreated Princess Diana’s accident as part of their duel | Famous

Weeks later, the experiences of the Duke of Sussex within the British Crown continue to plague the world, since several fragments of his memoir ‘Spare’ have been revealed, such as the moment in which Harry was physically attacked by his brother William .

Among the unpublished details that have been shared prior to the official launch of the book, which will be on January 10, one of the worst ideas Harry had regarding the death of his mother, Princess Diana, stands out, which was obtained by the magazine ‘ People’.

Prince Harry recreated Princess Diana’s accident in Paris

In October 2007, just turned 23, the young prince attended the Rugby World Cup semi-finals in Paris, France.

From her first day in the French capital, she had access to a personal driver, whom she asked if he knew the ‘Pont de l’Alma’, the tunnel where her mother died 10 years earlier.

Harry explained that he not only wanted to go through there, but that he wanted to do it at the same speed that the car where Lady Di died was allegedly going.

“65 miles per hour, to be precise,” Harry replied when the driver asked him if he really wanted to go through the tunnel.

“The exact speed at which Mom’s car was supposedly driving, according to the police, at the time of the accident. Not 120 miles per hour, as the press originally reported,” she explained to him.

With the approval of Harry’s bodyguard, Billy the Rock, at the prince’s peculiar request and the warning that he couldn’t tell anyone about it, the chauffeur drove to the ‘Pont de l’Alma’.

“We headed out, dodging traffic, across the Ritz, where Mom ate for the last time, with her boyfriend, that August night. Then we come to the mouth of the tunnel. We kept going, jumping over the edge of the tunnel entrance, the pothole that supposedly caused mom’s Mercedes to veer off course, ”Harry recalled in his memoirs.

However, once they passed this bump, the prince realized that it was not as serious an obstacle as he thought. “Hardly sorry,” he wrote.

He also described what it was like to go through this tunnel.

“As the car entered the tunnel, I leaned forward, watched the light change to sort of orange, and watched the concrete pillars go by. I counted them, I counted my heartbeat and in a few seconds we were out on the other side.”

Experiencing the same speed his mom’s car was driving and going over the pothole shattered Harry’s idea of ​​this place.

“I sat down. In a low voice I said, ‘Is that all? Is nothing. Just a straight tunnel’. She had always envisioned the tunnel as a treacherous, inherently dangerous passageway, but it was just a short tunnel, plain and simple. There is no reason for anyone to die inside it.”

However, still, he asked the driver to do the exact same thing again. After going through the tunnel for a second time at 65 miles per hour, Harry thought it was enough and realized that this impulse to relive the minutes before his mum’s accident crowned one of the worst ideas he’s ever had. Dyed.

“It had been a very bad idea. I had had a lot of bad ideas in my twenty-three years, but this one was exceptionally ill-conceived.

He hoped that doing this action would plunge him back into a state of disbelief about his mother’s death. However, it was the opposite.

“I told myself I wanted closure, but I really didn’t. Deep down, I expected to feel in that tunnel what I felt when JLP handed me the police files: disbelief. Doubt. Instead, that was the night that all doubts disappeared.

‘She’s dead’, I thought. ‘My God, she really, she’s gone forever.’”

Although the suspicions about the death of his mother were dispelled, the pain was not.

“I thought that driving the tunnel would put an end, or a brief cessation, to the pain, the decade of unrelenting pain. Instead, she brought the beginning of Pain, Part Deux (Pain, Part Two, in Spanish).

Tell us, what do you think about Harry’s impulse to recreate the minutes before Princess Diana’s death?