Prince Harry | Scandal about revelations: He wants to see the royal house burn

Harry’s memoirs are out next week. What is the purpose of his revelations? His behavior seems paradoxical.

The British media agree that this has never happened before. Prince Harry publicly rebels against the royal family and thus against his own family. Never before has a royal looked so deeply behind the scenes of the monarchy. The 38-year-old doesn’t give a damn about the motto “Never complain, never explain” (German: “Never complain, never explain”), which the court masters so well.

First he had the documentary series “Harry & Meghan” published on Netflix in December, and two exclusive TV interviews with him will follow at the weekend. The January 10 release of his bio seems to be the pinnacle.

It all looks like well-orchestrated fireworks: Harry ignites one rocket after the other. In the end, the sky above the palace could be on fire. But what is the purpose of Prince Harry with this all-round blow? Is this how he wants to get his family to talk? Is it about his personal reckoning with the court? Or – as many suspect – ultimately about money?

It takes a closer look at Harry’s life to answer that question. At the age of twelve he had to cope with a heavy blow of fate: he lost his mother, Princess Diana, in a car accident. A phase as a rebellious teenager followed later, in the media he was often called the party prince. He now speaks more openly than ever about this phase of his life, how much he suffered and how he rebelled against the “established order”.


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When he met actress Meghan Markle in 2016 and married her two years later, the former party prince seemed to have settled down. But that was not the case: a media hunt began on the couple, as a result of which Harry became more and more estranged from his family. He accused her of not protecting her adequately. Finally, there was a break: in early 2020, Harry and Meghan resigned from their royal duties.

The British royals – a broken family

Now the reckoning follows the resignation. But why in public? ITV presenter Tom Bradby also asked this question in an interview that will be shown on Sunday, excerpts of which have already been published. In the past, Harry always insisted on protecting his privacy. “Every time I’ve tried privately, there have been reviews and leaks and stories placed against me and my wife,” he said.

A paradox also appears: Harry distributes one swipe after the other, he even accuses his brother Prince William of having become violent towards him. At the same time, Harry would like a discussion: “I would like my father back, I would like my brother back.” Does he think he can reach a reconciliation over public allegations?

Prince William and Prince Harry: Is their breakup final?
Prince William and Prince Harry: Is their breakup final? (Source: IMAGO / i Images)

Many doubt that. The British newspaper “Sunday Times” quotes an insider as saying: “I can’t imagine how Harry and William can ever be reconciled afterwards.” Sky News also wrote: “Time may heal wounds, but it’s hard to see how the brothers can recover and rebuild trust when one of them wants to share the rift very publicly with the rest of the world.” Some suspect, therefore, that Harry could be less concerned with reconciliation and more with an attack on the monarchy.