Prince Harry settles accounts with Kate and William in his autobiography

10 days from the publication of Substitutethe autobiography of Prince Harry, the Times reveals some insights.

Prince Harry continues to empty his bag. One month after the broadcast of the Netflix documentary Harry & Meghanin which the couple unpacked their grievances against the royal family and in particular William, Harry’s autobiography risks further degrading relations between the two brothers.

The book published on January 10 and written with the former American journalist JR Moehringer, indeed promises to return at length to the relationship between William and Harry.

According to Sunday Times, quoting a person who read the book, if Harry spares King Charles, he scratches Prince William and his wife Kate. In the documentary Harry & Meghanthe Duchess was already talking about her brother-in-law and her sister-in-law, portraying a couple as rigid in private as in public.

The Alternate also goes into detail behind the scenes of Meghan and Harry stepping down from their royal duties in 2020.

“It was terrifying”

“Everything is exposed. Charles is doing better than I expected, but it’s hard for William in particular, and even Kate is a little criticized, indicates the source of the Times. There are these minute details, and a description of the argument between the brothers. Personally, I don’t see how Harry and William can reconcile after this.”

William and Harry, September 14, 2022
William and Harry, September 14, 2022 © Alkis Konstantinidis – AFP

In the Netflix documentary, Prince Harry had already described this heated discussion which was to settle the terms of their departure. A negotiation where his brother and his father had left him no room for maneuver according to him.

“It was terrifying to see my brother yelling at me and my dad telling me inaccurate things, and my grandma sitting there silently cashing in”

Harry explained there that if he wished with Meghan, to go to settle abroad, the couple would have liked to continue to represent the queen with the commonwealth.

An autobiography of Meghan Markle

Prince Harry’s book, one of the biggest releases of 2023 in the English-speaking world, has been in Amazon’s top 5 in the UK and US since becoming available for pre-order .

According to Times, this book does not close the chapter of the confidences of Meghan and Harry. Their contract with the publishing house Penguin Random House provides for four books. One of them could be an autobiography of Meghan Markle.