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Rules Prince William must follow, but Harry was able to skip

The truth is that she is not the only ‘royal’ who must follow certain guidelines. Prince William, the future King of England, is not exempt from them and, with the book ‘Spare’, Prince Harry revealed them.

#1 Prince William can’t travel on the same plane as King Charles

Therefore, Prince William, the direct heir to the throne, cannot be on the same flight as his father, now King Charles III.

However, the rule was much more flexible with his second child. In his book ‘Spare’, Prince Harry revealed that on multiple occasions he did have the privilege of traveling with his father.

However, this was not a cause of happiness, but of resentment for the second of Lady Di’s children.

It is worth clarifying that this rule has been broken on other occasions, such as the tours that the ‘royals’ have done with their children in the past.

#2 Prince William Had To Remove His Beard After His Wedding To Kate Middleton

One of the many fights between the brothers had to do with facial hair, as written in ‘Spare’.

According to Prince Harry’s book, Queen Elizabeth II and “the decision makers” ordered William to remove his beard on and after his wedding day. However, when the youngest of the brothers married Meghan Markle, he got special permission not to have to shave.

In an interview with journalist Tom Bradby, broadcast on January 8, the Duke of Dussex explained that:

“The difference to me, as I explained to my grandmother, was that this beard, the one I still wear, felt like a new Harry at the time, almost like a shield against my anxiety. That was the moment in my life when I grew my beard.”

In his book, Prince Harry revealed that this difference also caused a week-long fight with his brother, who even “ordered” him to shave, although, as we know, he didn’t.

#3 Do not talk to the press

The British royals have distinguished themselves by maintaining a rule of not giving interviews or statements that do not come from a statement (although the author of ‘Spare’ has accused his members of leaking stories about him to the tabloids).

After his departure from the institution, Prince Harry has completely broken this indication. The first time he spoke uncensored about his life was in March 2021, when he, along with Meghan Markle, revealed to Oprah about racism and other problems they faced with the British Crown.

#4 Discuss political issues

In that same sense, the ‘royals’ are not allowed to express their political opinions in public.

However, in March 2020, just hours after his last public engagement as part of royalty, an alleged call was released in which Prince Harry expressed his rejection of the decisions of then-President Donald Trump to support the industry. mining in the United States.

As reported at the time, two Russian YouTubers posed as activist Greta Thunberg and King Charles III to obtain this statement from the Duke of Sussex.

After her resignation from the British monarchy, Meghan Markle has also spoken publicly about her support for the anti-racist fight in the United States, the Black Lives Matter movement and, in May 2022, visited the Uvalde primary school, where 21 people died after a mass shooting.

#5 Meghan Markle Was Able To Go To A Royal Engagement Before She Married Prince Harry

In December 2017, the ‘Suits’ actress surprised more than one person by walking with the royal family to the Christmas mass held annually in Sandringham.

What drew attention to this fact was that, back then, they were only engaged and not married.

In contrast, the partners of other royals were only allowed to take part in this tradition until after their respective weddings.

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