Prince Harry unpacks: William attacked him – bloody injury

The fact that Prince William and Prince Harry have not had the best relationship since Megxit should have been noticed by now. Only very few people in the world knew how bad the relationship between the two royals really is.

In his biography “Spare” (in Germany the book is published under the title “Reserve”), Prince Harry reports how bad the relationship between the two brothers really is. Meghan Markle’s husband leaves out no detail, even accusing his brother of violence.

Prince Harry raises serious allegations

The British “Guardian” has the first excerpts from the prince’s biography and they don’t put England’s future king in a good light. Accordingly, it should have escalated during a conversation between the two. Prince William reportedly called Harry’s wife Meghan “difficult,” “rude” and “abusive,” prompting Harry to accuse him of serving British press narratives. Too much for William. The discussion is said to have escalated.

There were insults during the discussion, whereupon William asserted that he only wanted to help his little brother. Harry then replied, according to the Guardian: “Are you serious? Help me? Sorry – is that what you call it? Help me?”

After the sentence, William is said to have approached Harry, who then fled scared into the kitchen. He prepared a glass of water for William there, but that didn’t cool William either.

According to Harry, William then attacked him: “He turned off the water, called me another name and then came towards me. Everything happened so fast. So very quickly. He grabbed my collar, broke my chain and threw me to the ground. I landed on the dog’s bowl, which broke under my back and the pieces cut into me. I lay there in a daze for a moment, then got up and told him to get out.” William later apologized, Harry is quoted as saying.

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The book will be published in Germany on January 10, 2023. The title refers to an old royal proverb according to which the firstborn is an heir to titles, power and fortune and the secondborn merely serves as a surrogate should anything happen to the firstborn.