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In five days the prince harry will release his first autobiographical book Spare, which has all those who closely follow each of its steps in suspense. And it is that since the premiere of harry and meghan On Netflix, the life of the Dukes of Sussex has been covered in everything, except shyness. Being the protagonists, they have decided not to be silent anymore and tell the truth of their own stories.

Prince Harry wants to reconcile with his brother and father

As the publisher and various international media have advanced, among the revelations that he captured in this work would be the strong confrontations he had with his brother William. But she would also talk for the first time about something private: his sexual life.

It is known that before his relationship with Meghan Markle, the Englishman dated some celebrities, including actresses and singers. On one of the pages of his book, Harry would say which Hollywood actress would have started her sexual life with. She would be about a “beautiful older woman in the field.”

The British press believes that it could be the actress elizabeth hurley, 57 years old. According to Insider, Hurley owned a house in rural Gloucestershire, where other members of the royal family also owned property.

“There is nothing to do anymore”: They reveal that Harry and William’s relationship no longer has a setback, they do not speak to each other and there is no hope of rapprochement or reconciliation

After the rumors, the actress was questioned by the journalist Michael Odell in an interview for The Times. Hurley took everything with humor, responding as follows: “Not me, not guilty, absolutely not.” (YO)