Prince Harry’s humiliating first time with an elderly woman

While the world-awaited memoirs of Prince Harry are due to be released on January 10, several copies have already leaked in Spain. This accidental publication made it possible to discover in preview an extract concerning the first time “humiliating” of the son of Lady Di…

Those who are waiting to discover crisp anecdotes in the memoirs of prince harry may not be disappointed. While his book, titled Spare, due out in a few days, leaks are already multiplying on its content. On January 5, the book was accidentally put on sale in several bookstores in Spain and unsurprisingly, many passages from these long-awaited memoirs have already leaked to the press. Among the excerpts on display, that of the story of the loss of virginity of the grandson of Elizabeth II. An experience of which the one who is now 38 years old does not have very good memories.

The prince treated “like a young stallion”

Far from a fairy tale, this first time is like Harry’s rebellious adolescence. It would have taken place when he was 17 years old and was student at Eton College, located about forty kilometers from London. During an evening spent in a “busy pub”, he would have met an older woman who treated him, he judges in his book, “like a young stallion”.

A “quick” and “humiliating” first time

Their sexual intercourse took place outside the pub,”in a field just behind the establishment“. “It was very quick. In the end she slapped me on the butt and let me gohe recalls, qualifying this first time as“humiliating”. The experience described, not very rewarding, is indeed little dreaming, whether one is a member of the royal family or not.

A bodyguard witnessing Prince Harry’s antics?

In his memoirs, the husband of Meghan Markle also says he regrets his lack of caution at the time. “One of my mistakes was doing it outside, in plain sight. If it happens, someone had seen us”, he said. One of the most feared witnesses: Marko. During a lunch with him a little later, the bodyguard, who had “looking serious”explained to the prince that he had been sent by his father to “finding the truth”. I thought he was referring to my recent loss of virginity, explains the one who is now the father of Archie, 3 years old, and Lilibet, one year old. In fact, Harry quickly understood that Marko was talking about the Charles’s suspicions about his son’s drug usewhich are not, he specifies in his book “only lies”.