Prince Laurent before the police judge: he was fined

Prince Laurent was sentenced on Friday to a fine of 200 euros by the Louvain police court for an outdated technical control certificate. He had been checked in June 2021 by traffic cameras in Tervuren while driving on board an ancestor which had not been inspected since 2014.

The Prince explained in court that he had only driven this vehicle a few times, while waiting for his inspection appointment. He further clarified that the car, which he has owned since his marriage, had been sitting in his garage for some time. “I had removed the plates and she was no longer registered,” Prince Laurent said. When he used this vehicle again, he then proceeded to register it and took out insurance, it emerged from the hearing. “It was difficult to get an appointment with technical control,” he defended himself. “I have health problems and, with the Covid, I could not go to the control. It took time, that’s all”. The police judge, for his part, considered that the offense was proven and applied the law. In addition to the fine of 200 euros, the Prince will also have to pay 80 euros in legal fees and pay 22 euros to the second-line legal aid fund (intended to allow litigants to call on the services of a ‘pro- deo’). Prince Laurent has indicated that he will not appeal the judge’s decision.