Prince Louis, a real daredevil ready to do battle: his mother Kate swings on her son

We will understand that this year. If there is one member of the Windsors who has a strong character, it’s Prince Louis! The 4-year-old little guy has been acting up over the past few months, proving that he is indeed the little prince of the family. And all this energy which he showed at the last jubilee of Elizabeth II in particular, he found another ground on which to express it: the lawns of the stadiums!

Kate Middleton was invited to meet rugby players near London this Thursday, January 19. Affected by a disability for the most part, the athletes have nevertheless won championships and reached a level that forges respect. And apparently, Prince Louis wants to do (at least) as well as them. As she confided during this day, her youngest loves the oval ball: “Louis is crazy about rugby” she launched, indicating that all her children were rather sporty and “competitive.” “She said Louis played rugby at school. She said it’s pretty basic in the sense that he’s just starting to master overtaking and racing. But when you’re four and a half you just wanna pick up the ball and run in any direction” specified to the Mirror the trainer, in whom Kate had confided.

Louis, star of the year

If one had to pick one moment to relive the past year in relation to the British royal family, it would be Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee. Last June, the Sovereign did not know it yet but she was living the last anniversary of her reign. A suspended moment during which she surprised the British people, worried about their health after months of fatigue and forced rest. But she was also upstaged by a certain Louis.

Prince Louis, the youngest of the Cambridge siblings, has proven that despite his status as a member of the royal family, he is like all boys his age: a jock ready to make his parents drool, and especially his mother! In the stands of the parade in particular, the brother of Charlotte and George summoned his mother to be quiet by sticking a hand on her mouth or sticking out her tongue when he did not multiply grimaces under the eyes of Queen Elizabeth II at the Buckingham balcony. If he wants to combine the two, all that remains is for Charlotte and George’s little brother to join the All Blacks team, who begin their matches with the mythical Haka, a ritual where tongue pulling and grimaces are, in general, commonplace.