Prince Louis took the lead on the first Christmas walking tour with Kate

On Kate’s hand
Prince Louis took the lead on the first Christmas tour

Prince Louis

In one hand Mama Kate, in the other a Christmas stuffed animal: Prince Louis

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There were two premieres at the traditional Christmas service in Sandringham this year: Charles led the family as king for the first time and Prince Louis attended for the first time.

He is a real whirlwind and has the joke on his neck, his mother Duchess Kate once described four-year-old Prince Louis as a “kamikaze child”. Now his parents took him on the first Christmas walkabout of his life: a tour of the waiting fans after the Christmas service.

The Royals’ ‘Kamikaze Kid’ is set to hold his mother’s hand to pay tribute to the waiting fans for the first time this Christmas and he did really well. The mini prince even shook hands with one or the other person when he still had one free. Because at some point he held his mother’s hand in one hand and in the other a cute plush Christmas elf, which he had probably received as a gift from fans, since you could still see the label.

A sweet brother moment was also reported before the service: Prince George is said to have instructed his younger brother Prince Louis a little before his very first tour on Christmas Day. At the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the summer, Prince Louis stole the show with a multitude of grimaces, this time the four-year-old being far more conformed to royal etiquette.

Prince Louis sets the pace

However, the British magazine “Daily Mail” published a funny video moment in which the mini-prince took over the leadership of his mother, Duchess Kate. She spoke to a lady who was waiting, but apparently little Louis was getting bored and he tugged vigorously on his mother’s hand to encourage her to go on, which he even managed to do. The two continued their walkabout through the crowd.

The little prince wore shorts despite temperatures around nine degrees. An upper-class British tradition, boys wear shorts up to the age of eight. His brother Prince George also had to go through it.