Prince William and Duchess Kate say goodbye to Belize

Prince William and Duchess Kate have made their way to Jamaica from Belize. Before that, they went on a dive, among other things.

the essentials in brief

  • Prince William and Duchess Kate visited Belize as part of their Caribbean trip.
  • They also went diving there and discovered the Belize Barrier Reef.
  • Now they are on their onward journey to Jamaica.

Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40) said goodbye to Belize as part of their week-long trip to the Caribbean. They made their way to Jamaica. They are looking forward to further “exciting visits” on site, as they say in an Instagram story. A little later they also published a first picture of their arrival in the country.

After the official reception of the two royals in Belize, they had different appointments. On March 22, they shared on Instagram that they were able to explore the underwater world of South Water Caye with a dive.

«On Sunday we were lucky enough to have time diving […] to be able to spend, right above the spectacular Belize Barrier Reef.”

It was “really fantastic for the royal couple [gewesen]to see the underwater world here in Belize. “And the wonderful work they are doing here to protect coral and fish life.” The two write about recordings of the dive.

Protests accompany the trip of Prince William and Duchess Kate

However, Kate and William’s Caribbean trip is accompanied by local protests because of the colonial past. Demonstrators, among others, gathered in the Jamaican capital Kingston before the arrival of the Royals. According to a report by the British Daily Mail.

They had signs like: “Princesses and princes belong in fairy tales, not in Jamaica”. Protests have also taken place in Belize. After their stay in Jamaica, Kate and William would like to visit the Bahamas.

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