Prince William and Duchess Kate unwanted – protests against visits

Her Caribbean trip did not go according to plan for Prince William and Duchess Kate.

Her Caribbean trip did not go according to plan for Prince William and Duchess Kate.Image: dpa / Ian Vogler

On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth’s platinum anniversary, Prince William and Duchess Kate visit from from March 19th to 26th selected countries in the Caribbean. Initial stays in the Commonwealth member states were planned Jamaica, the Bahamas and Belize.

But the trip didn’t go according to plan: The trip to a sustainable cocoa farm planned for Sunday, March 20th, has to be canceled due to protests by the villagers did not take place and was canceled by those responsible.

charge of colonialism

The fewer than 1,000 residents of the village of Indian Creek in Belize, Caribbean, did not want to welcome the royal couple, the Daily Mail reported. They held up signs that read, “Prince William, leave our country.” “We don’t want them to land on our land, that’s the message we want to send. They could end up anywhere, but not on our land,” said Sebastian Shol, village chairman.

The reason: You throw the royal pair colonialism in front. Areas adjacent to the village are owned by Flora and Fauna International, the conservation organization that has supported Prince William as a patron since 2020. There has been a dispute over municipal land rights in the affected areas for many years.

In addition, the representatives of the indigenous people were outraged that the plans for the royal visit had not been discussed with them and that the couple was supposed to land on their football field by helicopter.

Organizers reportedly told locals that the village had to “look good” for the visit. The head of the village further said:

“These are high profile people, we respect them, but they also have to show respect to community leaders. Giving orders didn’t sit well with the community.”

Rescheduling confirmed

Loud “mirror” A spokeswoman for the royal family said: “We can confirm that the visit due to sensitive issues affecting the Indian Creek communityhas been relocated – further details will be announced in due course.”

The Belize government said in a statement, “Indian Creek was one of several sites under consideration. Due to issues in the village, the Belize government activated its contingency planning and selected another site to promote Mayan entrepreneurship -To present families in the cocoa industry.”