Prince William and Kate Middleton: why their trip to Jamaica is controversial?

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are on an official Caribbean tour. But their appearance in Jamaica is controversial on the island, due to images reminiscent of the colonialist era of the United Kingdom.

Princely tour for William and Kate. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge walk the Caribbean for several days to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. On the program, paradise islands, meetings with local communities like Garifuna in Belize where Kate Middleton showed her dancing skills, and even diving with sharks to spice up their stay and impress their Instagram subscribers. In short, an idyllic trip, in the greatest tradition of travel by the British royal family. However, all is not so rosy in the fairy tale of William and Kate, due to the opposition of certain communities on the spot.

These regrettable images are a relic of the past.”

Already in Belize, demonstrations against their visit had prompted the organizers to cancel the visit to a farm in the face of the anger of the inhabitants. Arrived in Jamaica, the couple was once again controversial, this time due to a parade that stuck in the throats of some locals. Prince William and his wife indeed marched in the middle of soldiers standing on a roofless land roverthe son of Prince Charles sporting his official army costume.

Images with a strong colonialist accent for some Jamaicans who did not at all appreciate the image sent back by the couple: “These regrettable images are a relic of the past and could have been taken in the 1800ssaid Professor Rosalea Hamilton, committed to civil rights in the country. It means that this young generation continues the monarchical traditions of showing that a race is superiorand the other lower.“Prince William himself had nevertheless tried to ease tensions by expressing “deep sadness” for the slavery implemented by the United Kingdom throughout history. Will we have to review the image? given by these movements in the future?