Prince William: This Christmas tradition between brothers undermines his falling out with Harry

By Marie Hervichon

– Modified 25 Dec 2022 at 12:35

Netflix, Death of Queen Elizabeth II… It is surely one of the most disturbed Christmases that the Windsor clan celebrated this year…

The Sandringham estate has never experienced such sinister Christmas celebrations. Indeed, between the death last September of Queen Elizabeth, the head of the “Firm” and the very controversial documentary Netflix of the Sussexes, the atmosphere must have probably been gloomy among the Windsors. Moreover, in France too, the recent revelations of Harry and Meghan have been disputed. Among those who castigated the exiles of Montecito, our dear crowned head specialist Stephan Bern. “That is to say, there is no limit, there is the phenomenon of Netflix, the release of Harry’s memoirs, on January 10, it will never end… They did all that so that we leave them alone, but at the same time, they do everything so that we don’t let them go, it’s a terrifying game. If you want to leave and we leave you alone, you enter into anonymity”did he declare.

A conflict between brothers

It must be said that certain shocking remarks have certainly not worked to bring William and Harry! Lilibeth and Archie’s father explained, without naming anyone: “In this family, many men may be tempted or feel compelled to marry someone who fits the mold, rather than the person who is potentially intended for them.” Can we nevertheless make it clearer?

Naturally, the two clans celebrated the end of year celebrations separately. Unfortunately, the disagreement between the two sides of the Atlantic got the better of a beautiful Christmas tradition shared by the sons of King Charles III and Diana. For years, every December 24, the two Princes took part in a football match with Sandringham staff. However, we do not yet know if William wanted to perpetrate this unifying event now that his younger brother is no longer by his side.