Prince William tries his hand at football in a suit

At an appointment on the football field, Prince William himself became active. In addition to visiting the women’s national soccer team, he also became active himself.

the essentials in brief

  • Prince William visited the England women’s national football team on Wednesday.
  • He even dared to throw the ball himself.

Prince William (39) proved on Wednesday that many members of the British Royals are often up for a joke. He attended the England women’s national football team. Although he appeared in a dark blue suit and brown suede shoes, he didn’t refrain from trying his hand at ball. Before the start of the European Women’s Football Championship, the 39-year-old paid the team a visit during training.

The British “Daily Mail” has published video footage of the training session. These show, among other things, how William runs towards the football full of vigour, kicks it skillfully in the direction of the goal and then throws his hands up in celebration. In photos from the afternoon he can also be seen talking to the players, among other things.

Sweet souvenir for the children

Subsequently, the official Instagram account of Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate (40), also published some pictures. It also features a special gift the team gave the royal. In one of the photos, he and two players are holding jerseys with the names of his children in their hands. Underneath the names Louis (4), Charlotte (7) and George (8), the shirt number shows the age of the kids.

According to the Daily Mail report, Prince William also told the athletes about his daughter. He promised Charlotte to tell the footballers that she was “really good at goal”.

Meanwhile, William and Kate wished the “Lionesses” good luck for the upcoming European Championships for the photos on Instagram. This will be held in England from July 6th. The team inspire the next generation of women and girls to play football.

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