Prince William visits BBC presenter Deborah James who is suffering from cancer

Deborah James wrote: “Prince William actually came to our house today!!” She said she was “deeply honored that he joined us for afternoon tea and champagne.” He spent a lot of time talking to the whole family and presented her with her title, the presenter further revealed.

She added: “It’s pretty surreal to have a royal as a visitor at home,” and explained how much time the family put into the preparations. “But it was all irrelevant because William was so nice and put us all at ease.” It was “such a special day” for her whole family. “Memories that will last a lifetime. He’s always welcome back!”

Your body can no longer withstand the disease

The presenter, who is suffering from cancer, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for her fundraiser and her fight against cancer. The British title “lady” is the corresponding term for women and thus the counterpart to the title “sir”.

A few days ago, Deborah James announced that she was no longer in a hospital due to her colon cancer and was receiving palliative care at home. Her body could no longer withstand the fight against the disease, she wrote.

The BBC presenter was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in 2016. She documented her progress and challenges on social media, and in 2020 she announced she was cancer-free before the cancer returned. She is calling for donations via her Bowelbabe Fund, which she has set up. Prince William and his wife Kate also support the campaign.