Prince William was a great support to Lady Diana

Both Prince William (39) and Prince Harry (37) are said to have been aware of their future roles in the royal family from an early age. While the one apparently soon devoted himself to the seriousness of life, the other initially attracted attention primarily with practical jokes. That’s what Royal expert Robert Jobson (58) claims in his new book “William at 40: The Making of a Modern Monarch”, which is due to be published in early May. An excerpt about the childhood and adolescence of the Royal brothers is available from the British “Daily Mail”..

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The darling of the royals?

Harry is said to have found early on that his brother William was allegedly the darling of some employees and his great-grandmother Queen Mum (1900-2002). Among other things, William is said to have invited her without Harry or preferred that the older prince sit next to her at family celebrations.

“You’re going to be king, I’m not – so I can do whatever I want,” Harry reportedly told his brother during an argument when he was just six years old. Her mother, Princess Diana (1961-1997), was then “a little shocked”.

When he was still in kindergarten, Harry is said to have kidded a music teacher by saying that his best piece was supposed to be on display – which earned him a visit to the principal. When she told Diana the whole thing, the brothers’ mother is said to have just burst out giggling. In other ways, too, she almost supported the pranks of her two sons.

Did Princess Diana go too far?

William could also be difficult at first, at least in private. However, as he got a little older, the prince became an important emotional support for his mother, claims the royal expert. Diana later even admitted privately that she sometimes went too far in burdening her son with her problems.

The difficulties in the marriage of Diana and Prince Charles (73) were not hidden from William either. His mother is said to have even called him “the man in my life”. He said he did his best to support her and once even said he wanted to be a police officer to protect her.

When he was at Eton College, Diana called him many times and sought emotional support from him. He allegedly asked her not to say negative things about his father Charles because he didn’t want to side with him. The separation and divorce of their parents was very difficult for both princes. It was particularly “agonizing” when William’s classmates read newspapers with his father and mother pictured on the front page.

As difficult as it all was, however, William had developed into a “balanced and level-headed adult” – “with an inner core of steel”.

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