Princess Charlène disturbed with a cryptic message

Princess Charlène, who has been in South Africa for months now, has spoken out on Instagram with a cryptic message. On September 23, she advertised the Prince Albert II Foundation and the Princess Charlène of Monaco Foundation in a clip, expressing her hope that the two charities will collect a lot of donations. However, the caption and a photo that the 43-year-old added to the video create question marks.

Charlène presents herself as a water mermaid with a tiara

“Just as I was born out of the ocean, the ocean was born out of me. I’ll present you a piece of both,” writes the former professional swimmer under her post. On the accompanying photo is the Monegasque sovereign with the To see the “ocean tiara” in the water from which only her head protrudes. It is not a recent photo, but one in which the princess appears to be much younger. The piece of jewelry, set with 1200 gemstones, was a wedding present from Prince Albert to his wife.

The mother of two first published the clip in an Instagram story, which she soon deleted. She later shared the clip again.

What exactly Charlène, who is still a passionate swimmer, wants to express her fans with the posting is unclear. Is she paying homage to her previous life as a professional swimmer? Or does she want to express that, despite her marriage to Albert, she feels completely in her element in her home country South Africa, far away from the Prince’s Palace?

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