Princess Diana’s ex-butler has cancer

Paul Burrell worked for Princess Diana for many years as a butler. The 64-year-old is currently struggling with his health.

Princess Diana’s former butler has prostate cancer. Paul Burrell has now revealed this in a TV show. In a British broadcast, the 64-year-old explained that he received the shocking diagnosis last summer.

“I’m doing hormone therapy right now, which is robbing me of my testosterone,” he told presenter Lorraine Kelly. “That’s why my beard isn’t growing like it should and I’m tired and I’m emotional and I get hot flashes.” Last year he visited a doctor for a complete health check-up.

However, after a PSA test – a blood test used to detect prostate cancer – his GP found his levels to be “quite unusual”. He then underwent an MRI scan that showed a shadow on his prostate. “I’m on an emotional roller coaster, ups and downs, and I don’t know how I’ll be in the next minute,” the ex-butler said.

Burrell fought back tears during the show: “I was wrapping Christmas presents this year and I was like, ‘Will I do this next year? Will I be here? I have to tell my boys.'” He was in the US for the Christmas holiday flew and informed his sons. “They sat down and put their arms around me and said, ‘Dad, we need to spend more time with you.’ And that’s what it’s about.”

But at the same time, Burrell made it clear that he was lucky that the disease “was recognized so early”. “At the same time, it makes you realize that there are thousands of men like me who don’t have symptoms and don’t know they have the disease,” he continued. He wants to raise awareness about it.

Paul Burrell came into the household of now King Charles III in 1987. and his then-wife, Princess Diana, at Highrove House, Gloucestershire. He was her butler until her death in 1997.