Princess Ingrid Alexandra turns 18: This is how Norway’s future queen ticks

Not so long ago, Princess Ingrid Alexandra was just a teenager, but little by little the young Norwegian has grown into the official role of a royal. In the tradition of her parents, Crown Prince Haakon (48) and Crown Princess Mette-Marit (48), she is increasingly letting a breath of fresh air blow through the royal family – and combines everyday life at court with exciting hobbies. Now the granddaughter of King Harald V. (84), who will one day most likely become the first woman to become Norway’s head of state, will be 18 next Friday (January 21).

Princess Ingrid Alexandra is taking on more royal appointments

In the past year, Ingrid has increasingly appeared as a representative of the Norwegian royal family. These included difficult moments such as the ten-year commemoration of the 77 victims of the right-wing extremist terrorist attacks in the government district of Oslo and on the island of Utøya. But there were also nicer occasions, such as visits to the Air Force, where she even flew in a fighter jet and saw northern Norway from the air.

This is how Norway’s royals present themselves on Instagram

Even an interim corona infection in the summer did not throw the high school student off track. The royal family regularly shares moments from the life of their family on Instagram. “Welcome, Molly Fiskebolle, the newest member of the crown prince family,” the court recently wrote about pictures of Ingrid and her younger brother Magnus Sverre (16) when they hugged their new dog around Christmas.

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Norwegian princess celebrates her 18th birthday: Big party is postponed because of Corona

Now the 18th birthday should actually be followed by a big party for the then adult princess. But as is the case in times of a pandemic, a gala dinner in the palace and a celebration with government officials in Oslo’s Deichman library are initially postponed. Instead, we celebrate in a small circle. The Norwegians should also celebrate their young princess in other ways. On Thursday, Ingrid also wanted to drop in on the occasion of her approaching majority, like her father once did, at the three branches of the state – parliament, the supreme court and the government.

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Succession to the Norwegian throne: what is Princess Ingrid?

Born in Oslo on January 21, 2004, Ingrid is second in line to the Norwegian throne after her father, but her parents made it a priority to let her grow up like a normal girl from an early age. She went to public kindergartens and schools, and since autumn 2020 she has been attending the Elvebakken secondary school, with over 1,400 students one of the largest educational institutions in Oslo. She is interested in topics that also concern many other people of the same age, including nature and environmental protection. In 2016, a park named after her with sculptures by children and for children was opened in Oslo Palace Park.

Princess Ingrid of Norway: Special bond with Crown Prince Haakon

Ingrid belongs, together with the Danish Prince Christian (16) and the slightly younger Swedish Princess Estelle (9), to the young generation of heirs to the throne, i.e. the royal successor in second place in the respective throne. They all have in common that their parents have given the royal houses more momentum and modernity – this applies to Estelle’s mother, Crown Princess Victoria (44) and Christian’s father, Crown Prince Frederik (53), as well as to Ingrid’s father Haakon. Ultimately, he also benefited from the proximity of his – once bourgeois – wife Mette-Marit. At that time, she brought her son Marius into the marriage, who is therefore Ingrid’s half-brother.

At Ingrid’s confirmation in 2019, Mette-Marit revealed the special bond her daughter had with Haakon. “You have the same black humor and you can laugh at the darkest things,” said the crown princess, who also noted that Ingrid was a storyteller with endless imagination from an early age.

This is how Princess Ingrid Alexandra ticks privately

The words moved Ingrid to tears. She thanked her family and said she was very lucky. Addressing her grandfather, she said in her humorous acceptance speech: “I want to thank you especially for all the times you made me laugh. And for all our beautiful selfies.”

The young princess has long known how the royal clock ticks. The braces of younger days are history, but her light freckles have remained. And she has also remained true to her sometimes special hobbies: “The princess is an active girl who likes to ski and kickbox,” writes the royal family about her. And that’s not all: together with the rest of the family, she loves water sports – and even became Norwegian Junior Champion in surfing in 2020.

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