Princess Kate: Now her uncle is commenting on Prince Harry’s allegations

Gary Goldsmith, the younger brother of Kate’s mother Carole Middleton (66), is appalled by the allegations that Prince Harry makes against the princess in his book “Spare”. The 58-year-old now settled with the prince in a comment in the “Daily Mail”.

Prince Harry: With his book he has created an “unbridgeable gap”.

“What on earth was Harry thinking when he wrote his terrible book?” Goldsmith asks at the beginning of his article. With the memoirs, Harry made reconciliation with the royal family impossible in the eyes of the entrepreneur.

“It’ll just make the gaping chasm between them unbridgeable,” predicts Goldsmith. “I would be glad if he never came back to this country.”

Clothing dispute between Meghan and Kate

The subject was again the dispute between Kate and Meghan, just a few days before the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry. Princess Charlotte (7) is said to have been very unhappy with her flower girl dress and cried because of it. Kate then texted Meghan that the dress was too big.

The fact that Harry quotes the SMS history and drags Princess Charlotte into the arguments is too much for Goldsmith: “I saw red there.” In the article, the entrepreneur fumes: “How dare Harry shake such a trust in a small child?” Harry moved to the United States to “protect his family and their privacy.” For Goldsmith, it’s all “vile hypocrisy.”

In Hollywood, prominent comedians make fun of Prince Harry.  (archive image)

Royal penis jokes: US comedians laugh at Prince Harry’s penis


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Prince Harry (left) and King Charles III.  in London in 2018.

Coronation of King Charles III: There shall be no “circus”.


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Princess Kate: “She’s not a drama queen”

Allegedly, the princess even refused to visit Meghan’s tailor Ajay Mirpuri to have changes made. In his book, Harry describes how his sister-in-law insisted on having the dress made from scratch. It’s all nonsense for Goldsmith: “I honestly don’t believe that version of ‘facts’. Kate is self-sufficient, resourceful and extremely capable. […] She’s not a drama queen.”

However, Gary Goldsmith does believe that his niece sent Meghan a bouquet of flowers the next day to placate her. “Such a noble gesture of reconciliation would be typical of my niece.”

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