Princess Kate outraged – excitement about photo of George

09/19/2022, Gro

A picture of Prince George caused a stir on the internet.Image: PA Wire / Tim Goode


Vera Siebnich

Princess Kate and Prince William are very careful about when and how their children are seen in public. Prince George, for example, is now allowed to accompany his parents to important – mostly sporting – major events, while his younger brother Prince Louis is rarely seen at official events. The Waleses also try to keep as much control as possible over the photos of their offspring. Pictures of the three children are usually only published on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

It is all the more astonishing what now struck a Brit. A Chinese toy manufacturer advertises with George. In several pictures, William and Kate’s eldest son can be seen holding toy weapons made of wood from a Chinese brand. The photos are obviously edited. Amazon has therefore already drawn consequences. But the extent of the fake seems to be even greater.

Royals: Fake pictures of George surfaced

The scam came to light because Briton Frank Aldridge reported to “The Sun”. As the newspaper reports, the man was looking for Christmas presents for his grandchildren when he made the strange discovery. He “almost dropped the teacup” when he saw the photo, the man reports to the newspaper. Aldridge continues:

“There was Prince George looking like an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean.”

The newspaper shows screenshots of an image showing Prince George holding a wooden sword. The picture of George was originally taken by Kate herself in 2016, like so many photos of the children the family later released. It was the official photo for George’s third birthday. However, George is of course not holding a toy gun in the original picture.

This image of Prince George was edited by the retailer.

The photo was obviously manipulated with an image editing program – and not just once. While Amazon has since removed the image of George holding the wooden sword, it can still be seen on other online stores. There is even a second variant in which George does not carry a sword but a wooden axe.

Royals: Amazon reacts to the picture theft

William and Kate may not like the fact that a photo of their son is used to advertise toy guns. As members of the royal family, they only advertise their own initiatives and social projects, if at all.

According to the Sun report, Amazon said: “All sellers must comply with our policies and those who do not will be subject to action that may result in an account being removed.” The corresponding toy guns can still be found on Amazon, but without the pictures of Prince George. It is currently unclear whether and how the other online shops where the picture can still be seen will react.

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