Princess Märtha Louise & her shaman: No wedding without a new kidney

Martha Louise is fourth in line to the throne after her younger brother, Crown Prince Haakon, and his two children. Their engagement wasn’t the first time they’ve caused controversy.

A believer in alternative therapies, she claims to be able to speak with angels, a gift that she markets with books and courses. She gave up the title “Her Royal Highness” 20 years ago when she retired from royal duties to become a psychic. And three years ago, she agreed not to use her princess title for any commercial purpose. At the end of 2022, the final resignation from the first row of the Norwegian royals: Märtha Louise will no longer perform any official duties of the royal family until further notice. In doing so, she wanted to help ensure that her own business activities and her role at court were more clearly separated, the royal family announced in Oslo in November.

She therefore agreed with her father King Harald V and immediate family decided not to take on any official duties. Harald decided that she would keep her princess title.