Problems in K-Pop? BTS member challenges one of his classmates to a boxing duel

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Seoul, South Korea.- BTS It is, without a doubt, one of the groups of k pop most important in the world, so seeing them together on stage demonstrates the reason why fans follow them wherever they go and do not hesitate to show their affection and support for each project they start; however, it seems that there are already problems between them that could lead to a strong fight.

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Jungkook He is one of the members who has not hesitated to show his love for sports, especially boxing, so knowing he is skilled in this discipline, challenged V to a duela fact that not only surprised the interpreters of butter but to ARMY whole.

Through Instagram, the youngest of the K-Pop idols launched the challenge to his partner, for which the entire world witnessed this fight that will surely become one of the most anticipated of the show; however, it should be noted that the challenge was not as a fight between them, but was launched as a dynamic where the singer involved fans to participate through a short survey with the phrase “What should I do now?

The fans who participated in this dynamic, Jungkook was suggested to fight against Vto which the singer simply referred to answer the following:

“He is no match for me.”

The singer’s response was taken with grace, because although through this platform he has shown that he is more skillful in boxing every day, he also made it clear that his partner may not be the best, in such a way that Jungkook is looking for someone with more experience to make the duel more interesting.

Source: BTS Network, Twitter, Instagram