Process start: The Boris Becker file

Like. These are tough times for Wimbledon champion Boris Becker (54), who has been on trial at London’s Southwark Crown Court since the beginning of the week. Becker is being tried for various allegations in connection with his bankruptcy proceedings.
The ex-tennis star has to face more than 20 charges. Becker is said to have tried to withdraw money and valuables, such as trophies, as well as real estate from the insolvency administrator’s access – which Becker vehemently denies. If found guilty, he faces up to seven years in prison.

Becker’s debts are said to be 59 million

Prehistory. In 2017, Boris Becker was declared bankrupt by a London court. At the time, his outstanding debts were estimated at up to £50 million (€59 million). But despite his financial problems, Becker is said to have repeatedly used his business account for shopping trips (e.g. designer clothes) and debt money – prosecutor Rebecca Chalkley accused him of this on the second day of the trial. In addition, the tennis legend is said to have withheld several trophies, including the Wimbledon trophy from 1985, as well as real estate, shares and bank balances in the bankruptcy proceedings.

24 charges against the tennis legend

Innocent? Becker does not see himself as a perpetrator in the process, but as a victim. Among other things, he sees the culprit in the insolvency administrator Michael Bint, to whom he even offered his Cartier wedding ring in 2017 in order to settle part of the debt. Becker also wanted to sell his ten million finca on Mallorca to avert bankruptcy. Bint describes Becker as “cooperative” and admits that he neglected to have Becker sign a questionnaire that was important for the investigation.
Outlook. It will definitely be exciting in court tomorrow when Becker himself has to take a seat on the witness stand for the first time. The process is scheduled for a maximum of three weeks.
His new love Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro is by Becker’s side every day in the courtroom. She is likely to be one of the few people around him who still stands by him. It remains to be seen whether this will change with the outcome of the process, because Becker could soon say “game, sentence and jail”.