Program Today, Jenny García accuses of theft in the program

The Stars Dance on Today are getting out of control! The popular reality show of the Hoy Program has risen in tone with all kinds of situations and even accusations of robbery in full broadcast, “things are the color of ants.”

It was the former member of the Venga La Alegría competition, Jenny García who decided not to keep quiet anymore and accuse one of her fellow choreographers, Luis Roberto, of stealing her steps to get better results from her dance partner.

This is not the first season of The Stars Dance Today in which García participates, so she is determined with everything to defend her work and assured that it is her partner’s assistants who steal her steps to apply them in their choreographies.

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It was during a capsule issued before presenting the participants that the extremely upset blonde can be seen claiming respect for her work in full forums of the Hoy Program, will her complaint be taken into account?


Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, member accuses of theft in program. Photo: Instagram.

But don’t steal my steps because I’m fed up with your assistants always stealing my steps, claimed whoever was the choreographer of Venga la Alegría.

The choreographer in question is rehearsing the couple made up of the couple of José Manuel Figueroa, Mariel Claire and Alex Durán, an actor who was recognized for his participation alongside Facundo in one of his programs.

This is the third season of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy and once again it is being hosted by the beautiful presenter of the Hoy Program Galilea Montijo, who apparently has not had a good time in recent months.

The reality show of the morning star of Televisa is pointed out as the one that rescued the rating of the program produced by Andrea Rodríguez Doria after the unfortunate loss of her sister Magda Rodríguez.

On several occasions, it was assured that Andrea was about to stop commanding the magazine program; however, she found in reality shows the formula to raise the audience of Today after a “bad streak”.

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