Program Today, Jolette integrates, rejected The Academy

One of the students in the history of The academy most famous and that 17 years after his generation continues validwell, the public locates her as soon as she hears her name is Jolette and who to date continues to cause controversy and controversy.

The former academic of the fourth generation, in which she was a classmate of Yuridia, Cinthya Rodriguez and Erasmo Catarino, appeared live in the morning of mayor success and that is produced on Televisa, the Hoy program, to give a great surprise and that left everyone with their mouths open.

The singer, who suffered a lot when she was a student at the high performance school of Aztec TVbecause her teachers stopped supporting her and the jury asked her to leave the program every Sunday, now she returns with all the illusion of being able to have a space that the public likes.

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Program Today, Jolette integrates, rejected The Academy

Program Today, Jolette integrates, rejected The Academy. Photo: Television.

Received by Galilea Montijo, Raúl Araiza and Toñita from the first generation of La Academia, who participates in ‘Las estrellas bailan en Hoy’, Jolette came to Hoy to announce her great return to the program, which will be next Monday with her own section. , which will be about fashion and beauty.

The woman from Jalisco explained that in her section she will give fashion advice to all women on how to combine an outfit to highlight their beauty with a low budget, as well as options that are accessible to always look on trend.

This is not the first time that Jolette visits Hoy, because in 2019 she joined the program with her own section on fashion, after a while she left the program, and now in 2022 she announces her return with the same section.

Prior to the announcement, it had been speculated that Jolette had been invited to be in ‘The Academy 20 years’, in fact, the entertainment expert, Alex Kaffie mentioned in his column, in a national newspaper, that Jolette would have received an invitation to participate in that program, but she rejected it due to mental health.

“I find out that Jolette Navarrete declined the invitation that TV Azteca made her to participate in La Tarademia. Yes, who was a student of the fourth generation of La Tarademia refused to work on the new season of reality due to mental and emotional health, ”she wrote, Kaffie.

He also asserted that Ángel Aponte, producer of this Academywas looking for Jolette and Lolita Cortés to generate controversy again with their fights that are still well remembered to this day.

“And it is that the producer of the program wanted her to fight with Lola Cortés at the concerts and to do a circus in the review that they will do on Mondays of the students’ performance!”, he affirmed.

Now Jolette it is far from Aztec TV and has found a new opportunity to talk about fashion in Televisa.

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