Programa Hoy, they announce shocking changes for the morning show this 2023

While, to celebrate the new year, the cast of the Hoy program is not complete, well, Andrea Legarreta is in Japan, Galilee Montijo celebrated in acapulco Y Raul Araiza is in Dubai, in the morning they announced changes and surprises for this 2023.

Because the Today program cannot stop being transmitted, despite the fact that its stellar conductors continue to Vacations and on break at the same time, the production could not wait any longer and at the beginning of this first week of the year they had to confirm that there will be a new version of the morning

Hence, on social networks, fans and viewers will begin to question about whether these changes involved a rotation in its castWell, these days, new faces have arrived at the most watched morning newspaper in the country.

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It should be noted that the only member who did not have days to rest like his colleagues was Paul Stanley, who has reported to work and on this occasion when it was mentioned that there will be changes, the driver was very excited.

Likewise, Paul Stanley, affirmed that all those changes and surprises that will be seen in the program will surprise all his viewers and fans who do not miss a single day, therefore, many of his followers cannot wait to see what will happen.

It should be remembered that the Hoy program is one of the programs that has been on the air for the longest time in the history of television in Mexico, since it has already been 25 years in which it entertains the public every morning, managing to remain one of the most watched on the country.

It should be noted that, at this beginning of the year, several morning programs were already recorded for the holidays and for this reason, it was that until this Wednesday, January 4, the substitute conductors of the Hoy program began broadcasts with the best attitude.

In addition to the fact that Andrea, Galilea and Raúl are on vacation, another of the absentees was Andrea Escalona, ​​who is on leave for having had her first child a few days ago, before Christmas.

For this reason, Paul Stanley was in charge of announcing the upcoming changes to the program. The famous son of Paco Stanley, reported that it will be next January 9 when viewers will be able to learn about the transformation of the Hoy program. News that surprised all its viewers, because they expected Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo and Raúl Araiza to be present.

Hence, many of them will begin to speculate that perhaps they did not expect them because the changes may possibly occur in the drivers, something very difficult to believe, since it is known that both Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo are already two irreplaceable figures in the program. .

For the same reason, in the program it was clarified that they will not change the drivers, something that their producer Andrea Rodríguez had already confirmed. Although it stands out that it has been said that Carlos Arenas could join the Hoy program, it has been revealed that no driver will come out.

Hence paul stanley will report that one of the big changes has to do with the change of scenery, for one that, he assured, will surprise all his viewers. It is expected that on January 9 the transformation will be presented with all the drivers that will be part of the Today program in this 2023.

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