Prominently separated: RTL brings HIM back to TV and receives criticism

“Prominently separated”: RTL brings HIM back to TV and receives criticism

01/19/2022 at 8:50 p.m

These are the winning couples from all Bachelor seasons

These are the winning couples from all Bachelor seasons

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RTL has just announced that a new TV format will soon be broadcast, and the candidates for “prominently separated” fixed. The selection of ex-partners causes explosives in advance for the viewers.

Many of the RTL fans are wondering, “Who are these people?” But it’s not just the moderate awareness of the candidates that is confusing.

“Prominently separated” – RTL brings old “Temptation Island” candidates to the TV show

Many of the “prominently separated“Candidates have already been seen in the RTL production “Temptation Island” in the past.

For example, Meike Emonts and her ex Marcus Muth. She tried her luck on “The Bachelor” in 2018. He became known through his relationship with her. In 2020, both faced the ultimate loyalty test on TV – after that the relationship between the two broke up. At the time, Marcus’ short-tempered manner caused a lot of misunderstanding, after their separation, the two should now work together again as a team.

“Celebrities separated” – RTL’s selection of candidates causes incomprehension among fans

Apparently, Marcus Muth made a lasting impression on some viewers. A fan comments angrily: “Can you explain to me why you take a person like Markus again for a format? I wouldn’t give a person like that another platform.”

+++RTL announces new format – “Unpaid bills will be settled”+++

And another candidate is causing a stir – Serkan Yavuz. He also became known through a dating show. After it didn’t work out on “The Bachelorette”, he met and fell in love with Carina Spack on “Bachelor in Pardise”. However, the separation of the two was less magical.

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The candidates take part in “Prominent Separated”:

  • Michelle Daniaux & Luigi “Gigi” Birofio
  • Meike Emonts & Marcus Muth
  • Cecilia Asoro & Markus Kok
  • Lena Schivora & Robin Riebling
  • Doreen Dietel & Patrick Eid
  • Carina Spack & Serkan Yavuz
  • Jenny Elvers & Alex Jolig
  • Sarah Joelle Jahnel & Dominik Wirlend

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Serkan Yavuz Releases Statement After Prominent Separated Announcement

Particularly explosive: In 2021 Serkan Yavuz took part in “Bachelor in Paradise” again and met his new girlfriend Samira Klampfl there. At the big reunion, the two dropped the baby bomb.

While some were already wildly speculating under the RTL announcement as to how his pregnant girlfriend would react to the format and Serkan Yavuz’s ex, the expectant dad is already making a first statement on Instagram.

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More about RTL:

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“At the beginning of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ everyone judged me and in the end it was different. Wait a few more days. You will experience and understand everything”. Viewers will find out the whole truth from February 22nd at 8:15 p.m. on RTL at the latest.