proposal for a hand was in Mexico

This is the young Jessica Bohórquez, remembered by many for participating in the ‘Factor Xs’ contest on Canal RCN and for being part of the cast of children’s programs such as ‘Tu planeta bichos’.

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According to what was published on her Instagram account, this Saturday, hours before celebrating Christmas, her partner surprised her with a marriage proposal while they shared a balloon ride.

It all happened while they were flying over the iconic pyramids of Teotihuacán, in Mexico, where they attended in the company of Samuel Felipe Vargas, also a journalist for Win Sports, and another woman.

Who will Jessica Bohórquez, from Win Sports, marry?

The man who stole her heart and is now her fiancé is called Juan Felipe Rico, who would also be a sports journalist and is a cycling lover, as can be seen on his Instagram profile.

“She said yes, the most beautiful story of our lives began, today the best adventure begins, I can’t wait to be by your side forever, I love you with my life,” was the message Rico wrote on his profile with the which announced that the young woman had given her the “yes, I accept”.

Hours later, Bohórquez shared a story in the company of Rico confirming the news.

“First Christmas with my fiancé. Merry Christmas, husband-to-be.” wrote the communicator.

The reactions of his followers did not wait and several were amazed by the news, including journalist Andrea Guerrero’s colleague, who wrote: “I can’t believe it, I can’t.”

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