Prosecutors reject Nasser Abou-Chaker’s acquittal

Witness irritates judges with testimony – “We remember that”

Rapper Bushido, here with his lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe, has been in court with his former manager Arafat Abou-Chaker for months. Image: imago images/Olaf Wagner

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Jannik Sauer

On the 73rd day of the trial, which the public prosecutor’s office is conducting against former Bushido manager Arafat Abou-Chaker, there were essentially two things at stake: for a statement from senior public prosecutor Petra Leister and for an outlook from judge Martin Mrosk on the further course of the negotiations.

As on the last days of the trial, Bushido, who is appearing as a joint plaintiff in the trial, was not present. However, the accused Arafat Abou-Chaker and his three co-accused brothers Nasser, Yasser and Rommel Abou-Chaker must appear on each day of the trial. And so they sat in the dock in Berlin’s Tiergarten district court this Thursday and listened to the public prosecutor’s statement.

That’s what the process is about

According to the indictment, criminal offenses are said to have occurred after Bushido wanted to dissolve the business relationship in 2017. According to the indictment, Arafat Abou-Chaker did not want to accept this and demanded a million-dollar payment from Bushido as well as participation in his music business for 15 years. The rapper was threatened, insulted, locked up and injured on January 18, 2018. Arafat’s brothers Nasser, Yasser and Rommel are accused of being accomplices or accomplices.

Prosecutor Petra Leister once again referred to the penultimate day of the trial on June 1st. The court had recommended that Nasser Abou-Chaker, the eldest of the four brothers, be acquitted. According to the current state of the taking of evidence, neither the elements of criminal extortion, deprivation of liberty or bodily harm could be proven, the chamber had argued.

On the day in January 2018 on which the aforementioned crimes against Bushido are said to have occurred, Nasser also had a de-escalating effect on his angry brother Arafat Abou-Chaker.

Prosecutors find Nasser Abou-Chaker guilty

The public prosecutor’s office now contradicted this. In her estimation, Bushido was very well imprisoned and blackmailed by the Abou Chaker brothers – and Nasser was involved. “You won’t get out of here alive if you don’t tell the truth,” he said to Bushido, according to the prosecutor.

The rapper then repeatedly made it clear that he wanted to leave the room previously locked by Arafat, but the four brothers prevented him from doing so. “You can take that off,” Arafat said to Bushido, according to the prosecutor. Nasser is said to have further heated up the situation verbally in the following.

Arafat Abou-Chaker and Bushido have been good friends for a long time – now they face each other in court.

Arafat Abou-Chaker and Bushido have been good friends for a long time – now they face each other in court. Image: Eventpress Schulz / Eventpress Schulz

Arafat is said to have demanded a 50 percent share of the profits

The prosecutor then described various other meetings at which Arafat is said to have threatened and insulted Bushido. When it came to the proceeds of his music and that of the artists who were under contract with Bushido’s label Ersguterjunge (EGJ), Arafat is said to have insisted on an unusually high profit share, even for the industry.

According to the prosecutor, he wanted to take 50 percent of the profit from Bushido and 30 percent from the other EGJ rappers. Because Bushido allegedly had high debts with his business partner at the time, Arafat is said to have repeatedly threatened him. “You belong to me,” he always said to Bushido in view of his debts.

Shindy and DJ Gan-G are yet to testify

There is now a longer break in the process, and it is not supposed to continue until August 3rd. Bushido’s lawyer Steffen Tzschoppe wanted to know from the judge what was next. He will contact the lawyers of DJ Gan-G and rapper Shindy, he announced. Both had long worked with Bushido and Arafat in the past.

And Bushido himself should also testify again, according to the court’s plan. Then it will be about the sound recording that is supposed to document what happened on that day in January 2018 and whose authenticity the rapper and his lawyer doubt.