ProSieben star bursts the collar on TV: “Really sick stuff”

ProSieben star bursts the collar on TV: “Really sick stuff”

03/23/2022 at 10:51 p.m

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GNTM: The winners of the ProSieben show

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This topic seems ProSieben-To trigger star presenter Sebastian Pufpaff properly. Making fun of the content of other channels is the main task of the “TV total“-Moderators. But the topic “Astro TV” seems Sebastian Puffaff really upset.

“Really sick stuff” would be there to see, the moderator mocked. “People are being fooled,” he said ProSieben-Star next.

ProSieben presenter Sebastian Puffpaff bursts his collar on “TV Total”.

But what got Pufpaff upset? It was people like “modern-day shaman” Thorsten Gabriel who made the 45-year-old’s hat string burst. He told an older caller named Dörte whether she really should buy a parking space. “People are calling. That costs money,” Pufpaff mobbed.


Sebastian Puffaff: Three things you need to know about the moderator

  • Sebastian is only the middle name of Sebastian Pffpaff. The comedian’s real name is Malte Sebastian Pufpaff
  • His master’s thesis is entitled: “The modern politician – staging in democracy”
  • His first comedy program dealt with reunification and the conflict between East and West Germans


And further: “You have to make a note. Dear Dörte, what a beautiful life it must be when your biggest problem is a parking space. And I know very well: At the beginning of September, Dörte will have said: ‘Oh no, I forgot to buy the parking space!’ And then she calls Thorsten again.”

“ProSieben” star Pufpaff: “They should be switched off”

But that’s not all. So Dörte called “Astro TV” again and asked if she shouldn’t also lease a garden. Then Sebastian Pufpaff got really angry. “Dörte,” he scolded. “Maybe instead of calling Astro TV, just call your bank.”

But that’s not all. Modern times shaman Thorsten also offered the so-called “house and yard protection”. All you had to do was give your house number and he would start the energetic cleaning immediately.

And that was it for Pufpaff. “Hey come on, even Darwin would say immediately, pass on the address to me, they should be switched off, the people who are calling there.”


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